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Training Shoes

Due to a kink in our inventory department, we’re currently overstocked. If you’ve been planning on purchasing some new Training Shoes, now is your opportunity to find the best brands at unbeatable prices. If you need help selecting the perfect Training Shoes, our store experts are available and ready to help.

Training Accessories

We’re currently holding a huge Training Accessories sale. There’s tons of options available at unbelievable prices, but it won’t last long, so make sure to come to Fitness Factory or browse online for some great finds. If you’re curious to find out more about product availability or the specs of a particular item, come into our shop and a store associate will be happy to help.


People think quality and brands don’t matter until they experience the best. When it comes to exercise and sports, counting with some high quality Weights can make all the difference. Take advantage of our amazing sales events to buy the items you keep obsessing over at unbelievable prices.

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